Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Just finished reading 'The Memory of Love - so one down and only five to go.
Although the novel is rather slow to get going, I found it a stimulating and engrossing read. The handling of the characters is sensitive and engaging and the huge themes of the book are dealt with in way which is serious without being overwhelming. There's a certain coolness and distance from the horrors of episodes in the characters' lives which I think worked well. I've got reservations about certain elements but overall - very enjoyable. I hope the others are a good as this one.
I think I'll move on to "Annabel" next. From the blurb, I gather it's about gender and identity, similar themes tackled by Rose Tremain in 'Sacred Country'. It'll be interesting to see how Kathleen Winter deals with the subject.
Lots of time to read at present as my back is still painful, but frankly on a day like today I'd rather be working on my allotment than stuck in a chair with a book!

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