Friday, 8 April 2011

Which books do you predict will make the Short List?

Of the long list, I have only read 'Room', and to be honest I hope that one doesn't get on the short list because I think other writers deserve some attention. I have had a look at the long list and here are my predictions:

The Birth of Love by Joanna Kavenna
It's set in 1865 and tells three stories spanning centuries to “explore the most basic plight of women [childbirth], from the slaughterhouse of primitive medicine to a futurisic vision of technological oppression.”  The novel is about “the creation of human life, science and faith, madness and compromise, and the epic journey of motherhood.” This sort of thing is always popular in Orange Prize lists, so I am tipping it for the short list.

Extract from Birth of Love

Repeat It Today with Tears by Anne Peile
Set in 1970s Chelsea, this debut novel focuses on an adolescent girl who seeks out the father she never knew (and who never knew her) and embarks on entrapping him in an incestuous relationship. I predict that, following the trend set with the Man Booker last year, judges may go for this sensationalist subject, and the book is said by reviewers to be filled with 'an ineluctable sense of doom' and 'keenly and elegantly written.'

If you find an extract from Repeat It Today with Tears online, please let me know!

Oops, out of time! I may add more later. What do you think will be shortlisted?

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