Monday, 9 May 2011

Great House

I too have found Great House a struggle. It seemed to dart about, with a lot of different people dwelling on events in the past with no note of optimism. Yes the use of language is good, but the book did nothing for me. Anyway I have just picked up Annabel, which also looks a difficult topic, so I will see how I get on with that.


  1. I must admit that I've struggled with 'Great House' too. 'Annabel', 'Grace Williams' and 'The Tiger's Wife' all have such engaging narrative voices, but I found it hard to engage with any of the multiple narrators in 'Great House'. I start to get stroppy when I feel that a writer is playing clever games at my expense.


  2. Annabel is easily my favourite so far. In fact, even though I haven't yet read them all, it's the one I am going to say I want to win. I thought the writing was beautiful and even though the subject matter was difficult and at times un-nerving, the book had me hooked and kept me engaged all the way through. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be recommending it to others wholeheartedly!

  3. I'm only about 70 pages into the book and am struggling. It seems to be screaming 'look how post-modern and clever I am'... doesn't impress.

    Others on the shortlist at least have passion.