Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Kenilworth Meeting

It was good to see everyone on Monday night. For those of you who didn't come, we had a good convivial evening, talking about the books (and trying not to give the plot away to those who hadn't read them !) Biscuits and tea/ coffee up to their usual standard!

We had some discussion about the next meeting, and how we might do the voting. We explored the idea of looking at each book from the following perspectives, as it might help to clarify ideas, i.e. 1)narrative 2) quality of writing 3) structure 4) characterisation & dialogue
5) themes 6) social relevance 7) and (crucially) ,will it stand the test of time?

Use or not as you think-amend, reject, add etc. At the end of the day, it will come down to the one you liked the best, but it's good to have some justifiaction and background to add to this, as you veteran book discussers know!

Anyway, it's great that some of you are on your last book (and indeed, probably finished by now)
For those of you not there yet, there's loads of time (well-- two and a half weeks!) so don't panic.

Next meeting will be at Stratford Library, Tuesday 7th June at 7pm, for our celebration.

Oh yes--will somebody PLEASE remind me to take some photos---I keep forgetting!

See you all soon


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  1. Monday night was great, thanks Kate and Jan.
    Just blogging on and hoping this works!