Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Great House wins by a whisker!

The results from our meeting in Stratford library this evening brought forth a winner with just a handful of votes. We used a point-style marking system and the top three were incredibly close:

Great House was the chosen one (well, it does have a Jewish theme) with 77 points.

Close second was Grace Williams says it Loud on 74.

The Tiger's Wife came in at 70.

Then Annabel at 51 and joint with 39 was Room and The Memory of Love.

The group gave a lot of thought to all the shortlisted books and agreed that all were worthy to be there. It wasn't an easy task and some votes were polarised.

It was a really great experience to be able to shadow the Orange Prize this year and many thanks to Kate, Jan, Carla and Emily for organising such a fabulous event.

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  1. Great summary.

    I've tweeted this entry under #orangeprize. Be interesting to see if it generates any new visitors,