Sunday, 12 June 2011

We missed you, Carla - hope you're fine now. Jan's the only one with pics, I think.
I was interested to hear part of Nicole Krauss interview replay on R, especially her saying she intentionally toned down the emotion this time: apparently History of Love, which I've not read, is very emotional. This may explain why I struggled so (and failed) to find either a narrative or emotional thread to help me through what seemed like a very long and difficult read. I was reminded of my experience with the only Paul Auster novel I've read - and which I also admired for technical skill but found completely cold.
Another nice piece on T. Obreht in Saturday's Guardian - about her relationship with her grandfather and complete with family photo.
And Andrea Levy on Desert Island Discs was interesting today - worth catching the repeat if you missed it.

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