Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I just started my first book!

I've chosen 'The Song of Achilles' to start with for two reasons: 1) I actually quite fancied reading a book about  Achilles and Patroclus, and 2) it was the only book from the shortlist on the library shelves today. I found it and grabbed it, feeling a bit like I'd got something over on someone. :)

I really like the cover, with its ornate shield, although I have to admit I was a little put off that a quote from Emma Donoghue is there calling the book 'ravishingly vivid and convincing'. I am one of the few who really didn't fancy her book, 'Room'. But I digress!

I've read the first few pages and I have to say, I love the narrative style. It is a work of true craftmanship and art to write in such lean and spare sentences. I believe it is far more difficult to write effectively in a spare style than to indulge oneself the way, say, William Faulkner or James Joyce would have done. It's a style that lulls and relaxes and soothes me. It does not distract me from the narrative; it does not purposely call attention to itself. A sense of immediacy is lent by the use of present tense. Some people dislike both first person and present tense narration--they may struggle here! But I much prefer a limited point of view to an omniscient one.

Can't wait to hear what everyone else is starting with!

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