Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A tie-in too far?

Just for fun, thought I'd show you this to see what you think...not directly related to Orange Prize, but it's a book! :)

True Blood Cookbook.jpg

A tie-in cookery book for 'True Blood' is coming out this summer. Click here for the scoop:

True Blood: Eats, Drinks and Bites

Personally, I've never read any of the True Blood novels nor seen the TV series. I tuned in once and of course just my luck, tuned in right in the middle of what appeared to be an orgy, while a bored looking vampire sat and watched from the corner. Let's just say 'Buffy' it was not! I did not stick around to see what happened next, just flicked over to a nice safe episode of 'Cupcake Wars'. ha ha But I bet the cookbook is fun, particularly if it features down-home southern cooking. Being a down-home southern girl myself, I can tell you how authentic the recipes are, if we ever get to have a peek inside!


  1. HBO likes to do tie-ins - I received 'The Sopranos Family Cookbook' as a Christmas gift a few years back.

    Maybe in time they'll do a 'Game of Thrones' cookbook.

    Those early episodes had a lot more graphic sex in them than later ones. The books are a lot tamer!

  2. 'Game of Thrones' cookbook! Grog, mead...pies? Roast peacock? *biting lip* Gruel?