Thursday, 19 April 2012

When will the books arrive I wonder?

I am keen to get started now and am wondering about being extravagant and buying one book on my Kindle. Does anyone have a suggestion about a good one to start on? I can't decide. I have finished the crossword and it is raining at the moment so it would be a good afternoon to curl up with a book.


  1. Hi Maggie--Books are all at Southam library NOW ! ie --Thursday afternoon, so pick up when you can....
    I loved Anne Enright's " The Gathering", so I'd probably start with her....Plenty of people don't like her though.... Your choice!

    1. Thanks. I will be there tomorrow. Thanks for the advice too, I have to read them all so may pick that one to start.

  2. The books have arrived for the Nuneaton pickup but they have not yet been collected. Yoohoo, Chrispy and Muse!!

  3. All Lea based readers (included myself) have theirs (or know they are ready for collection. Happy reading!

  4. It looks like Chrispy and Muse have collected theirs as well. I wonder what they are reading first. (Hello, Chrispy and Muse! U there?)