Friday, 29 April 2011

My First Blog Attempt!

I am currently on book 2 and reading has slowed down, unfortunately it seems reading a book whilst fulfilling bridesmaid duties at your brother's wedding is frowned upon. However I whistled through Room last week and was surprised how involved I became. I was not sure about it when I first started, but found it to be well written and rather poignant at times. Not my usual cup of tea and would not usually have chosen to read it because of it's subject matter but that is why I'm doing this! Following the chlostrophobic world of room, it's simplicities and few characters, with The Tiger's Wife has been a bit challenging! The time scale and setting seems to be a bit more epic and there are a few characters that I keep forgetting who they are. I am intrigued though and find the style of writing vivid and detailed, I also enjoy the mysterious stories and wonder where it all leads. Lots more reading to do though...I can't sit here blogging all day...


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