Friday, 29 April 2011

three reviews so far

I have to make the most of this now as I have internet access at the moment.
A review of the three books I've read.

I found this a very gripping read. It is a depressing story but the way it is told, from the point of view of Jack, a five year old boy, makes it somehow lighter and warmer.
The love between Ma and Jack is very moving. She has protected Jack from the realities of their situation so as far as Jack is concerned, he lives in a safe and protected environment in room and he's happy.Although it is narrated by the boy, the author still gives us an insight to what the mother thinks. I just wish she left one thing out.(You might guess when you read it) The second half of the book makes us realise how we take everything we see or do for granted. Ithought it was good.


I really looked forward to reading this but was disappointed by it. I didn't engage with the characters and I thought the story was too all over the place and lacked a plot.
The author has a lot of imagination and is very knowledgable about the conflicts and civil wars in Eastern Europe, upon which she touched, but the book was more about superstitions and magic. Silly review, but I don't know what else I can say.


Beatiful! The winner for me so far.

It's not a dark read despite the theme of the story. I thought it was well written.
Although the horrors the country endured are all there it is not overwhelmingly put and therefore makes it a warm and gripping read.

Next on my list is 'Grace Williams says it loud' and, after reading the comments on this blog I am looking forward to it.


  1. Jose
    Really want to read Memory of Love--it sounds like you loved it! Will make a huge effort!!....

  2. I also loved Memory of Love - very moving and thought-provoking - the role of Western volunteers coming in to 'help' with little real understanding of the horrors of the civil war, the fatalism and stoicism of the Sierre Leonians just trying to survive with their memories so raw and horrific, the love story of course! and the idea prevalent throughout that so much evil persists because 'we' choose not to see- or to ignore, do nothing or omit to do... I know some found it a bit contrived - the connections between characters- but in the end I didn't feel that mattered as the tale and writing were so involving. A winner so far for me too as you can probably tell!