Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Fatal Error

I'm afraid I have done it again - put down one of the books (Great House) and if I am brutally honest, I am unlikely to return to it. I really enjoyed Memory of Love (which surprised me given the subject - it's not an area of the world I am particularly interested in) and so far so good with The Tiger's Wife (this could be because of the zombie-ish theme of the Deathless Man - and I do enjoy my zombie novels!) but Great House - couldn't get on with it. It's not that I found it difficult to read as I got over 100 pages in, it's just that it hasn't gripped me yet and I am not attached to it.
As we near the point when we pick a winner, I really have tried to get them all finished and I did plan to give Grace Williams another shot but I am sorry that I just can't face it! I will still struggle to pick a winner as all the novels, even the ones I didn't finish had something about them. I will carry on with The Tiger's Wife and ruminate on what I want to win!
Look forward to seeing everyone next week and enjoy the South Bank!

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