Monday, 30 May 2011

Great House

I finished this in the car coming back from Wales today. It's not the sort of book I would pick up in the library/shop without recommendation, but I was captivated. Out of all the books on our list, this one stands out (but that may be because it's so fresh in my mind).
Perversely, I'm not sure that I know how all the loose ends tied up or even connected and I'm left with a nervous feeling that I have missed something - some small, insignificant thing - that would unravel it all for me. Film goers might say Inception gave them the same experience!
And yet the writing quality and scenarios kept me gripped. It's amazingly erudite but not pretentiously so. This is one of those books where I could really do with a group chat to dig a bit deeper into some of the story strands - to help me gain a better sense of who, what, why, where and when! The title is obscure until you get to the end, and for the life of me the picture on the front should really be a desk, not a piano - or am I being picky!
By the way, Chile didn't really get discussed at all! The theme of 'place' that I've alluded to in an earlier blog came from Israel instead. And it was just as interesting a culture for me and made a lot more sense than Mr Finkler.


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