Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Southbank Last Night

As you all know, Kate and I went to the southbank last night, for the Orange Prize Shortlist readings.
It was packed!  However, we were a little disappointed.....
I had an e mail beforehand from Southbank, to say that two of the authors couldn't be there -ie Cynthia Ozick and Ann Patchett, with the option of not going because of this,  if that's what we wanted. We went ahead, and Cynthia Ozick was represented by her agent, and there was a video link to Ann Patchett, in the States.( after a technical hitch! )
Kate Moss gave an introduction, and it was chaired by Joanna Trollope. Each author had five minutes to read an extract from their books, and to answer two questions from Joanna. AND THAT WAS IT!!! No audience question time, as last year, and it all lasted exactly an hour. (not good value for a £12 seat, certainly not for the many who had travelled far to the event) Kate and I were relieved that you hadn't all opted to go....
We were told last night that the event would end at 9pm, and all the publicity was saying this. In fact, it ended just after 8.30pm. Let's hope it will be better next year, if it happens( not Orange, obviously)

All the authors spoke well and clearly ( and the agent) No pants on head this year!! Out of the three books I haven't read, and from the readings, I have to say I liked the sound of  Foreign Bodies, though Kate liked Painter of Silence, as you all did. I will give it a go.

Bated breath for winner this evening. I am out, so will miss the " live".
The blog is up on the reading agency web site ( including not a bad pic) Hope you all like. Don't forget to check it out!

Good to see you all on Monday, and sorry it was our last one. I will do my best to think up something else for next year!  Keep talking and reading!!

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  1. Where are the photos??

    Sorry your London trip was anticlimactic. Not impressed!