Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Suggestion--how about a thoughtful little review from each of you?

The comments that were made by group members at last night's meeting were very interesting to listen to. I suggest that each group member write a blog entry about your favourite read from the shortlist. I noticed you all had notes. Could you work them up into a nice little piece for the blog? It would be fun to read several advocates for the same title, to compare and contrast your comments. You could even take the opportunity to rebut the 'opposition' encountered during last night's discussions. It would be a great capper for the 2012 blog. :)

If you're going to include spoilers (which I don't see why you shouldn't), just put a *****WARNING*****CONTAINS SPOILERS********* line at the beginning of your entry. :)


  1. Sounds good Carla, like the idea. Hope everyone else does as well

  2. I'm happy to. I have an outstanding review anyway for 'State of Wonder'.

    It is possible to review a book without spoilers. I don't think Blogspot supports the spoiler code as it is HTML rather than the more user friendly features found here.

    I'm so happy that 'Achilles' won!