Tuesday, 22 May 2012

There's no "Annabel"

Well, I am all finished in my reading. Like last year, I didn't finish all the books, have my favourites that I want to win and have in mind what will probably win but I have to say, there was no overall amazing book for me like last year's "Annabel". I went onto to recommend that title to several friends and they subsequently loved it as much as me (phew!). I mentioned at the meeting that I had read one of the novels that had been longlisted but didn't make the cut and that was better than pretty much all of these ones (although that may be because it was a contemporary novel that I could relate more to rather than being a great work of literature). Still, I look forward to seeing what the group make of all the books. I am glad to have finished all my Orange reading as I can now return to the pile of library books my bedside table is currently housing. See you all Monday!

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